Sunday, March 28, 2010

nice scarf to buy!!!

here are few picture i take from my friend's blog that sell a scarf and shawl..i've already buy the scarf, and the quality is good and you will satisfied with the price..if you like and want to get can view her blog or just inform me k..

is it interesting?don't late..make an order now!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

my hobby: editing my pictures!!!

i love to edit picture!that's one of my hobby in my free time..hehe..just a simple editing,but it really can make me happy because when i see the!look i really like it..if anyone have an idea or suggerstion how to get a simple editing software,please text me k?(=

my life,.my soul

hye friends!today i have a few picture to share with you guys..i think it is not late for me to show my family pictures..let me introduce about my family's details.I still have a parent..1 dad and off course 1 mom..hehe..and then, i have 4 sisters and 1 brother below me..3 of my sisters already married and i have 3 seems like our family will gonna big, big and bigger later..i love my family so much!!now let's see..

memory with them will always make me feel happy to be a part of them..thanx to abah and mak to teach me how to be a good daughter and a success people outside there..i love them so much..

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Oh no!!i'm feel so stress right now..why?emm..i'm very tired of a lot of test, qiuz n assignment in 1 time..this week..qmt 400,qmt 220 and calculus 3 have a the same time, i still have a mini project of database week calculus test..damn!i going through all difficulties on my own?!!is true?aaarrrggghh!!..i'll study alone..i not have a friend to share the long i can stand with this situation?only Allah S.W.T knows everything and understand me..

Is that mean i'm regret with my choice to change a campus to uitm shah alam..?and leave my friend,Sue at the Machang?yes..sometimes..but..i'm a normal person that make a mistake right?i don't know that, it is worse to live here than Machang..i thought it is better to live here because near with my family and intersting to be in main campus of UiTM..why i feel so tough to study here?the main reason my opinion,friend is relly important for you if you still study..who can study alone?never..we still need a friend to make a discussion with us..and a partner as a group's members to do any project..
At this moment i feel like, very excited to finish this semester ..i really hope that,next sem i will transfer to UiTM Machang Kelantan with new life..hehe..but..if i think everthing ok if i live there?would my stress 'decrease'???..ha,that's the question..if the answer life will get better in i'll be there..i hope so..haha..otherwise,i still need my parents permission to change the campus if my appeal accepted by the dean of my faculty!waahh..very exciting to know the next episode..hehe..
right now..what ever happened,i must keep harder n struggle in my study...nothing will change if i'm not act! i need to achieve my goal..i must get DEAN LIST again..!!!yeahhh..keep up AZLIN!!!!make a degree as good as your diploma!!gambate!

*release tension with writing is the best way for me..good to have blog(^_^)\/ peace!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

shOppinG at BuNdle or shOpping coMpleX??

What do you think about the title?and which one do you choose for shopping?ermm..for me..i'll choose both!since i love to shopping,there's no problem for me to go anywhere to get my long the price is worth it and not over my limit as student..haha..and another one,i hv my strategy to get shop!!
Anyway,do you care about the quality?or maybe some of you just care about the price?in my opinion..between quality and price,i choose quality..why?because,with quality stuff you buy, you can use for a long period of time..and of course, we can use as long as it still can be the same time,we can save our many to buy the new one..unless,you already get boring with the old one,so you buy another new to the cheap one,it cannot use for long period..even,there also have a good stuff with low price,but maybe there's still have about you..
The other reason,why you choose one of that place?maybe the answer because of the you realize about that?some of people do not like to get shopping in crowded place..they rather to go a high class shopping center,as long they can walk and breath witout any "block"..if you go to bundle or maybe uptown,you will face with many people at one addition,the place become so hot!!for me,the situation is the main point why i don't like to go bundle..if i want to go there because i can get the cool price, so i will choose to go at time,not many pepole go..especially,not in weekend..not in public holiday..another one,don't go at time people get their i right?haha..that is my must clever to go shopping..time is very important..
The last point here..between the 2 place,which one have many choice?off course as buyers or shopaholic you will make sure that place will have many choice right?do you want to go,the shop that sell only some stuff and not a have you favourite color?off course no..if you not care about that, you just can go..but for want to go shop to the best outlet with many choice of stuff and also have a good looking!that's more interesting and attractive..
So,what is your opinion?i already give can comment here,and share with me and my friends with your idea ok?..make a good choice when shopping ok?!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hOw to be a gOod daughter/sOn..check this out!!!

make sure you make a list ..then you will see..hihi..

for example,if you cannot show enough love for your parents,make an effort like everytime you want hangout, u hug them..and for muslim,dont forget to give salam..You must realize or accept your fault..and the most important when you realize that, you must apology to them..ok?

get close to them and be your self infront them..especially for guy, all of you like to hangout with friends rather stay at home with your family.

If you don't listen to them, they will think you are disrespectful. Even if it's something you're really dreading(taking out the trash, finishing up your homework), it will help you to become a better person in the long run. Remember that parents have the power of authority and money in the house, and you will be most likely to get what you want if you're a good careful..

Watch their favorite TV show together, eat dinner together, watch movies, play board games. Don't let them feel like their little girl is pulling away.

This last step is the best than the is a key for you to be a good daughter..

do you agree with my opinion?and satisfy or not? is your choice ok..i just give some example to share with my friends..may all of you can be a good daughter and son for your parents..dont forget that, our successful is put on parents  and Allah's blessing..what are you waiting for?try and start now..wassalam..

Sunday, February 21, 2010

the first post!!!yeaahaa..

today madam fazillah ask us to create a blog for our subject ITC 100..she said..we need to create a blog with the formal english interesting..hehe..that's why all my word or my article after this will be in english..erm..about this new blog,there is not different with the old one..still the same concept which tell the blogger about my self..maybe outside there are some pepople want to know more details about me..maybe? objective now is to create the interesting blog that story about my self and the same time..try to follow concept that madam fazillah need..check this out!!