Sunday, March 14, 2010


Oh no!!i'm feel so stress right now..why?emm..i'm very tired of a lot of test, qiuz n assignment in 1 time..this week..qmt 400,qmt 220 and calculus 3 have a the same time, i still have a mini project of database week calculus test..damn!i going through all difficulties on my own?!!is true?aaarrrggghh!!..i'll study alone..i not have a friend to share the long i can stand with this situation?only Allah S.W.T knows everything and understand me..

Is that mean i'm regret with my choice to change a campus to uitm shah alam..?and leave my friend,Sue at the Machang?yes..sometimes..but..i'm a normal person that make a mistake right?i don't know that, it is worse to live here than Machang..i thought it is better to live here because near with my family and intersting to be in main campus of UiTM..why i feel so tough to study here?the main reason my opinion,friend is relly important for you if you still study..who can study alone?never..we still need a friend to make a discussion with us..and a partner as a group's members to do any project..
At this moment i feel like, very excited to finish this semester ..i really hope that,next sem i will transfer to UiTM Machang Kelantan with new life..hehe..but..if i think everthing ok if i live there?would my stress 'decrease'???..ha,that's the question..if the answer life will get better in i'll be there..i hope so..haha..otherwise,i still need my parents permission to change the campus if my appeal accepted by the dean of my faculty!waahh..very exciting to know the next episode..hehe..
right now..what ever happened,i must keep harder n struggle in my study...nothing will change if i'm not act! i need to achieve my goal..i must get DEAN LIST again..!!!yeahhh..keep up AZLIN!!!!make a degree as good as your diploma!!gambate!

*release tension with writing is the best way for me..good to have blog(^_^)\/ peace!!

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